* We are looking for person who is information conscious and enjoys challenges.

Most of our gears will be the products that are developed and manufactured by carefully going through customer's drawings and arranging details. We are, therefore, looking for someone who is enthusiastic, not satisfied with the current state of affairs, and wants to take on new challenges! and someone who is constantly on the lookout for the latest information, hoping to make use of it for planning and development.

*“Desire to fulfill someone's wishes and requests” -- Someone with such motivation and enthusiasm

Our company does not have a product catalog. We make each product by closely communicating with our customers. To meet our customers’ needs using our high technological capability, it is necessary to be able to bring new ideas that are not bound by established concepts and to be able to think what you need for that. "I want to realize someone's wishes and requests!" we welcome anyone who shares such enthusiasm and motivation to join our company. We are looking for enthusiastic person saying "Yes, I can do it!" We hope to deepen mutual understanding by meeting you in person.


※We will post the latest information as soon as it is available, so please be patient.

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