1. Everyone gathering at our company shall be happy.
  2. We will contribute to social progress through the manufacture of gears and related products.
  3. Our company must be a company that is valuable to our customers. That is, it is a company that rewards customers with proposal capability, good quality, and short delivery time as a professional gear manufacture.
  4. Out company must give its employees a sense of fulfillment as they do their job.
  5. We must be an essential part of the company.


We are aiming for a completive company setting our eyes on our industry peers.

  1. We will sincerely respond in good faith by listening to feedback from our customers.”
  2. We will continue with unceasing efforts to modernizing facilities.
  3. We will strive for development of human resources with the belief that company is a place to make things as well as train people.”
  4. A company can only survive by making a profit. We constantly strive to improve our business structure thereby increasing profits.


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hydraulic equipment, construction equipment, aerospace industries, etc.

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