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1940 Founder Motoharu Kikuchi starts manufacturing gears at 3-chome Honjo, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture
1943 Motoharu Kikuchi has died at the World WarⅡ.The business continues by his wife Yoshimi Kikuchi as president.
1959 Yoshimi Kikuchi resigns as president. Yoshiharu Kikuchi is elected as the new president.
1968 Joins the establishment of Ashikaga Ironworks Complex Association Company joins Cooperative Association of Ashikaga Ironworks Industrial Estate.
1969 The Company reorganizes as Kikuchi Gear Co., Ltd., and Yoshiharu Kikuchi is elected as representative director. (with a capital of 5 million yen.)
1970 Capital increases to 10 million yen.
1971 Capital increases to 15 million yen.
1978 1st factory expansion. Mechanical machinery equipment is added for modernization of the facilities.
1981 Secures land area of 2,800 m2 for parking spaces
1982 2nd factory expansion. Conducts site renovation for production and equipment upgrades (certified as Small Business Rationalization Model Factory by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency).
1987 Newly establishes Factory No.2 (site area: 2, 323 m2, building: 660 m2)
1988 Newly establishes office building and factory with air condition.
1990 Secures land area of 10,000 m2 for plant site.
1993 Newly established Factory No.3 (site area: 1,676 m2, building: 753 m2.)
1997 Capital increases to 30 million yen. Newly establishes Factory No.4 (site area: 1,983 m2, building: 1,862 m2).
1999 Receives commend from Ashikaga Tax Office as a superior report corporation
2000 Obtains the ISO9002:1994 certification at all of our factories.
2001 Issues 100 million corporate bonds
2002 President Yoshiharu Kikuchi receives technology award from Japan Aerospace Engineering Association Kanto Branch. Governor of Tochigi Prefecture certifies four persons from our company as “Tochigi Meisters” Renewal and Transition Audit for ISO 9001: completes 2000 Year Edition Newly establishes Factory No.5 (site area 2,640 m2, building: 1,584 m2).
2003 Gets certified as a Tochigi Prefecture Frontier Company.
2004 Governor of Tochigi Prefecture certifies one person from our company as a “Tochigi Meister.” Certified for ISO 14001
2005 Expands the head office and factory (area of expanded site 1,157 m2, building: 534 m2). Ashikaga Tax Office commends our company once again as a superior report corporation. Yoshinori Kikuchi gets appointed President and Representative Director. Yoshiharu Kikuchi gets appointed Chairman and Representative Director. Renewal and Transition Audit for ISO 14001: 2004 Year Edition completed.
2006 Receives Tochigi Prefecture’s approval for “Business Innovation Plan.” Newly Introduces Gear grinding machine REISHAUER RZ 400.
2007 Starts mass production of gears for Lexus highest-end model LS 600h. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selects our company as one of “300 of Japan’s Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs” Receives an Award from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare for the Elderly Employment Development Contest Yoshiharu Kikuchi, president of our company, assumes the position of president of the Ashikaga Chamber of Commerce.
2008 Receives “Tochigi Prefecture Image up Contribution Award” Gets re-certified as a Tochigi Prefecture Frontier Company.
2009 Certified for JIS Q9100.
2010 Joins exhibition as a member of “Japan Aerospace Industry Forum (JAIF)” at Farnborough International Airshow, UK. New introduction of P40 type gear testing machine made by Klingelnberg.
2011 Receives a “Tochigi Industry Vitality Award Grand Prize” Joins exhibition as a member of “Japan Aerospace Industry Forum (JAIF)” member at Paris Air Show in France.
2012 Exhibits at Singapore Air Show. Mass production of gear for Toyota 86 / Fuji Heavy Industries BRZ starts.
2013 Exhibits at Paris Air Show in France. Newly establishes Factory No.6 (site area: 4,571 m2 building: 3,012 m2).
2014 Exhibits at Singapore Air Show. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selects us as one of “300 Excellent SMEs and Micro Enterprises”.
2015 Exhibits at Paris Air Show in France.
2016 Established AeroEdge Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, through a company split.
Received the Grand Prix Award of “1st Ashigin Business Plan Grand Prix”
2017 Selected as a “regional future leader company” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2018 AeroEdge Co., Ltd., implemented a capital increase through third-party allotment totaling approximately 2.2 billion yen. Received the “VM Promotion Award” from the Central Japan Industries Association.
2019 Started mass production of gears for BMW 1 series / 2 series
2020 Published “Development and Harmony”, a book commemorating the 80th anniversary of the company’s founding.
2021 Started mass production of gears for Toyota Land Cruiser 300.
2022 Ito Tekkosho Ltd. is incorporated as a group company.
2023 Plant No. 7 newly built, site 1,152m², building 762m².
2023 AeroEdge, Inc. listed on the Growth Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.



  1. We, as a member of the global community, explicitly recognize the importance of environmental issues, pay adequate attention to all our corporate activities in harmony with the environment, and thus contribute to creating a society where sustainable development goals are achieved.
  2. In light of our business operations of designing, developing and manufacturing gears and related products, we conduct environmental management based on the following policies, comply with environment-related laws and regulations, and endeavor to continuously improve our business practices, prevent environmental pollution, and protect the environment:
  1. We accurately grasp environmental impacts of our business activities, and at the same time clarify the requirements including environment-related laws, ordinances of local governments and agreements, and strictly abide by those requirements including such laws and regulations and agreements.
  2. We formulate environmental purposes, goals and management plans to the extent technologically and economically possible, and work together, striving to improve and enhance our corporate performances and the environmental management system.
  3. We address the following two items as our priorities among our environmental management concerning our business’s environmental impacts:
    1. Implement specific measures to reduce CO
    2. 5SVM level up for realization of showroom factory.
  4. We regularly conduct internal audits and reviews and strive to re-evaluate, maintain and upgrade our environmental management system.
  5. We disseminate, implement and adhere to our Environmental Policy in order that we achieve its goals, with all our employees and temporary workers fully conscious of environmental preservation.

We disclose our Environmental Policy to our stakeholders.

July 1, 2023
Yoshinori Kikuchi
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