The growth of a company can be achieved only when its employees are happy.
Driving the era with evolving technology!

We are manufacturing gears used in a wide range of fields that meet the needs of our customers including the evolving automobile industry, hydraulic construction machinery, aerospace and robot industries.

As stated in the business philosophy ”Everyone gathered at our company shall be happy,” our employees are enjoying challenges and responding to ever-changing technologies. Thanks to them, our technology ranks in the top tier among the domestic manufacturers.

Manufacturing gears requires close communication with customers. We are, therefore, now working together to develop and manufacture gears while always employing state-of-the-art technology to meet the expectations of customers in Japan. Recently, the number of customers from overseas has been increasing, and we are grateful that this is also the result of our highly evaluated technology.

Starting out as a gear manufacturer by establishing a gear cutting machine in a corner of the weaving factory in 1940, our company has been growing not only by having responded to the industries, including motorcycles, construction machinery, office equipment and automobile industries that are driving the era in pace with the high growth period in Japan, but also growing as we have responded to the needs of all different kinds of industries.
Not only are we increasingly focusing on the evolving automotive, aerospace and robotics industries, but also every one of employee always keeps an eye out for new ideas, we want to be a company keeping advanced technology access that you can rely on as “Kikuchi Gear when you are in need.”

Our company will celebrate the 100th anniversary in 2040.
In order to survive in this industry and to become a “centenarian company”, we, all members of the company, will work together on the development and manufacture of gears while preparing the latest equipment and focusing on human resources education and training.

President and Representative Director
Yoshinori Kikuchi

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