* We are looking for person who is information conscious and enjoys challenges.

Most of our gears will be the products that are developed and manufactured by carefully going through customer's drawings and arranging details. We are, therefore, looking for someone who is enthusiastic, not satisfied with the current state of affairs, and wants to take on new challenges! and someone who is constantly on the lookout for the latest information, hoping to make use of it for planning and development.

*“Desire to fulfill someone's wishes and requests” -- Someone with such motivation and enthusiasm

Our company does not have a product catalog. We make each product by closely communicating with our customers. To meet our customers’ needs using our high technological capability, it is necessary to be able to bring new ideas that are not bound by established concepts and to be able to think what you need for that. "I want to realize someone's wishes and requests!" we welcome anyone who shares such enthusiasm and motivation to join our company.

We are looking for enthusiastic person saying "Yes, I can do it!" We hope to deepen mutual understanding by meeting you in person.

【Science major students from North Kanto area highly welcomed】 We are actively recruiting mechanical major students.


【Technical jobs】

Job Category 【Technical jobs】
(* Science major students who are graduating from university, graduate school only)
We are not recruiting for each work type such as design jobs and development work
A mutually acceptable job will be assigned by considering desire and qualification of each person.
【Company actively recruiting sales staff from North Kanto area】
After joining the company, you will be assigned to each department, such as sales, development, production management, material procurement, quality assurance, etc., according to the qualification of each employee after training at the site.
Employment Status Full-time employee
temp staff
part-time employee
Place of Work 726-30 Shinfukutomicho Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture
* No transfer involved
* Candidates returning to Tochigi Prefecture welcomed!
Working Hours 8: 00 ~ 16: 50 (65 minutes break)
【New Graduates Hiring Information】 【Qualification requirements】
We are also recruiting graduates within 3 years. Those who do not have a work experience are also welcome to apply.
* Candidates with English language skills preferred

【Starting date】
Hired at any time after consulting individually

【Working conditions】
Same as those graduating in March 2019
Salaries & Allowances 【Salary】
Person with master’s degree: ¥ 215,000 (based on the performance as of April 2018)
University graduate: ¥ 205,000 (based on the performance April 2018 )
*Former graduates will be treated the same.

· Commuting allowance
· Overtime pays
· Family allowance
・Housing allowance
Pay rise Once a year (June)
Bonus Twice a year (June / December)
Holidays and leave Five-day work week (Saturdays, Sundays/ expected to be working on Saturday according to the company calendar several times a year) 108 days-off a year (based on the performance of FY2018)
*Summer holiday · GW · New Year's holidays, · congratulation or condolence leave
Insurance Various social insurance equipping
Benefits Retirement and corporate pension fund system
Various insurances
Joined in Ryomo District Worker Mutual Aid Association
Funded NISA assistance system
The company bears a part of external training expenses for upgrading skills
Reward system for acquiring qualifications related to work
Incentive payment for improvement proposal
Probation None